With so many kitchen mats available in the stores it can be hard to choose the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors.

The main purpose of the kitchen mat is to keep your kitchen clean and tidy especially your kitchen floor, your wooden floor needs special care and protection.

Several types of kitchen mats are being used for hardwood floors, the most commonly used mats are kitchen rugs, floor runners, and anti-fatigue mats.

They’re great for the hardwood floors, all are very absorbent and also they look very nice on wooden floors. Although, they may not be able to get any help because they usually do not have cushions.

Besides, the anti-fatigue mats with their anti-slip property, give extra support and safety on slippery floors like a hardwood floor.

The anti-fatigue mat is a wonderful choice if you require both comfort and protection for your floor.

We have brought together a list of the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors. Your beautiful and well-finished wooden floor will be well preserved by these mats.

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best kitchen mats for hardwood floor - our top picks

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

GelPro Elite Premier Kitchen Floor Mat

nuLOOM Kitchen Mat

Chef Gear Gelness Mat

Standing Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

Home Dynamix Woven Mat

SoHome Kitchen Mat

OPUX Anti Fatigue Mat

Elrene Home Fashions Mat

1- iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floors

It is an amazing mat made with bamboo which is naturally water-resistant and excellent for the shower, bathtub, or vanity front, and it can also work well by the kitchen sink.
The traditional stylish mat enhances the decor of your kitchen. It comes with a non-skid bottom that keeps the mat in place and protects your wooden floor from damage.
The iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat measures 72″ x 24″, which is the perfect size for your living room and they can be larger to be placed in a small kitchen.


  • Traditional design perfect for home decor.
  • Made with natural bamboo.

  • water-resistant coating.


  • Not good for linoleum flooring.
  • Too big to keep in the kitchen.

2- GelPro Elite Premier Kitchen Floor Mat

best floor mats for hardwood floors

Don’t have to worry about standing for hours doing dishes or cooking meal. This durable anti-fatigue mat helps to reduce fatigue and discomfort while standing for a long period.

The GelPro Elite mat comes with 3/4″ thickness of gel and energy return technology, It is specially designed to reduce stress and fatigue. The non-skid bottom provides maximum safety and prevents slipping.
The mat is suitable for anywhere you need to stand for hours like kitchen, laundry, garage, etc.

Standing on hard floors for a long time doing dishes can give you back pain and foot discomfort. This anti-fatigue mat can be an ideal choice for those who suffer from back, hip, and leg pain.


  • Anti-fatigue mat gives amazing comfort.
  • Beveled edges.
  • Slip-resistant bottom.


  • The mat is a little pricy as compared to other mats.

3- nuLOOM Kitchen Mat

best kitchen mat for hardwood floor
This comfort mat can make your everyday household tasks such as washing dishes and laundry, so easier. You don’t need to worry about standing for a long period of time.
To ensure comfort, it is thick enough to reduce the pressure on your legs, hips, and ankles.
The nuLOOM anti-fatigue comfort mat is a combination of 95% PVC and 5% polyester. The durable mat comprises a non-slip PVC backing that will help keep it firm to its desired location.
With its versatile stylish designs, this mat is the perfect addition to your standing desk area, kitchen sink, or laundry room.


  • Versatile stylish designs.
  • Amazing comfort
  • Non-slip PVC backing
  • Easy to clean


  • It may slide on tiled floors.

4- Chef Gear Gelness Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floor

This mat measures 20×30 inches, and it is made of 100 percent PVC. This mat comes with an anti-slip bottom and a non-skid surface for extra support and stability.

Built with gelness technology this mat gives exceptional support and continuous relief while working for an extended period of time also helps improve posture and blood circulation.
The Chef Gear Marni Embossed Gelness Mat is available in beautiful whimsical designs that will bring some extra bit of adornment and luxury into your kitchen.
Each anti-fatigue mat features anti-trip beveled edges with a smooth finishing. It can easily be clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent if it gets dirty.


  • Whimsical designs.
  • 100% PVC
  • Easy to clean


  • Lightweight as compare to the other anti-fatigue mats.

5- Standing Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floor

The mat comes in three different sizes and a variety of different colors to choose from they are perfect for home and office use.
Designed with 0.75-inch foam, these mats deliver excellent cushioning and support to your feet and improve blood circulation.
Well-designed beveled edges protect you against tripping and keep you safe in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom.
Not only that, but as the name implies, this anti-fatigue pad is an excellent choice for someone who must stand for long periods of time on hardwood or some other hard surface.


  • 0.75-inch Foam mat.
  • No curl beveled edges.
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean


  • Does not stay firm on vinyl floors

6- Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floor

This is an outstanding anti-fatigue mat its patterned designs and antique colors look elegant on the wooden kitchen floor.
Each mat has designed to provide ultimate support and durability. They are perfect for the front of the stove and in front of the kitchen sink.
Unlike carpets, they are easier to clean and more comfortable to stand on when you are cooking and cleaning.
These ergonomically engineered and medically proven mats promote blood circulation and reduce the fatigue caused by prolonged standing.
They are waterproof, stain-resistant, and can easily be clean with a damp cloth. It is recommended that not to clean with a household cleaner or soapy water which will damage the floor mat.
This is, without a doubt, one of the best kitchen mats available on the internet. So, when looking for a comfortable kitchen mat, keep this mat in mind.


  • Antique designs go well with wooden floor.
  • great comfort and support
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Edges may curl up after few months.

7- Home Dynamix Forever Woven Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floor

The Forever Woven kitchen mat has a textured, woven top with a beautiful diamond pattern to complement your decor. The top and bottom of the mat are made of machine-made PVC.

 Home dynamix anti-fatigue mat meets all of the criteria, whether it’s ceramic, tiles, or a hardwood floor.
The Forever Woven kitchen mat is a great way to freshen up your home or workplace. Using it under the kitchen sink, beside the stove, or in the laundry room. This mat is suitable for use in every part of the house.


  • Made with PVC top.
  • Textured surface with a diamond motif.
  • Stain and oil resistant for long-lasting beauty.


  • Food and debris will get stuck in the tiny gaps between the weave, making cleaning virtually impossible.

8- SoHome Cozy Living Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

best kitchen mat for hardwood floor

SoHome’s Cozy Living anti-fatigue mats are made of durable, thick, long-lasting PVC memory foam that alleviates joint and muscle pain or discomfort while you work, prepare food, or wash.
Comfort floor mats are available in a wide range of trendy styles and sizes to match in your kitchen, office, or laundry room.
The Cozy Living kitchen floor mats are designed to prevent slipping by having a smooth bevelled edge and a slip-resistant backing. They are resistant to water, oil, and splotches.
These anti-fatigue mats necessitate little upkeep and are simple to clean, ensuring their long-term use and beauty.
 Overall, this is a high-quality kitchen mat that greatly improves your comfort. There are many challenges to overcome when it comes to kitchen design.


  • Made with non-toxic PVC.
  •  variety of stylish designs and sizes to fit in your kitchen
  • Stain and oil resistant for long-lasting beauty.


  • This mat is not too thick

9- OPUX Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

best kitchen mats for hardwood floor

For all-day comfort, it’s made with 12mm thick cushion PVC. Ideal for everyday use and as a standing desk mat in the office.

This thick floor pad is made of high-quality Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic High-Density PVC for optimal durability and safety.

On the front and back sides of this floor mat, there are two distinctive print designs and colors. The reversible design lets you change up the look according to your mood, and it goes with any kitchen or office setting.

Furthermore, you can use this mat on a variety of floors, including ceramic, wood, marble, and a variety of other surfaces.


  • Made with non-toxic PVC.
  • It doesn’t slide on the hardwood floor.
  • Beautiful farmhouse pattern to match any kitchen decor.


  • This mat’s thickness is insufficient.
  • Some reviews show that it doesn’t lay flat.

10- Elrene Home Fashions Anti Fatigue Mat

best kitchen mat for harddwood floor

This is yet another mat that will help you protect the floor of your kitchen. It is an anti-fatigue mat that will assist you in maintaining an accurate and consistent standing position.

The cushioned kitchen mat has a stylish rustic faux wood grey pattern.
When standing for long periods of time, it provides the ideal support for your feet, back, and legs.

The Farmhouse Living Collection is stylish, decorative, and adorable, with everything that you need to create a modern country home with a shabby chic feel.


  • Made of high-quality PVC.
  • A good addition to kitchen decor.


  • There are no drawbacks to this product to mention.

What kind of mats is safe for hardwood floors?

Wool rugs are appropriate for hardwood floors since they are stain resistant and easy to clean. There are many waterproof rugs and floor mats on the market. If you want to keep your flooring from getting wet, you should invest in such rugs.

While choosing floor mats for your hardwood floors, be sure the bottom is made of a material that won’t stain or leave debris. It’s possible that you’ll need to invest in a wood-safe rug pad to go beneath your floor mats.

Are anti-fatigue mats bad for hardwood floors?

Anti-fatigue mats absorb shock and relieve stress, reducing the impact of standing. The majority are made of soft materials like foam or gel, or sometimes both. you can use them on any type of flooring, from marble, tiles, to hardwood.

Final Words:

Hardwood floors take a little extra care and attention to maintain their beautiful sheen and high quality. If you choose the inappropriate mat, you risk damaging your floors and incurring significant repair fees.
Now is the time to get this basic kitchen necessity and add extra purpose and style to your favorite place.
Before deciding on the best kitchen mat for the hardwood floor, we recommend that you carefully read the Buyers Guide.

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